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Global Reach

Started the day today first by listening to how ACA was introduced and is growing in Israel, India and South Africa. Then listened in on a meeting of ACA from the German Speaking Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Now moving on to new literature including the Loving Parent Guide book and Getting Started.

Also, there are just shy of 1000 people on the webinar. WOW.

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A reflection on the ABC before we begin the AWC

Business meetings are normally pretty cut and dried. I rarely expect to be moved by a business meeting but I was moved by the truly global reach of our fellowship, particularly when we seem to relish in chopping us up into many different us and thems.

While it sounds like this is a normal part of the ABC closure hearing/seeing it for the first time brought a tear to my eye. Representatives from around the world recited the ACA serenity prayer in their primary language. French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Romanian are the ones I remember. Sometimes we think we are alone in this thing until we sit around the (virtual) table and see that we don’t suffer or recover alone. Seeing our fellowship alive on such a global level takes it to a completely new level for me.

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Preparing for the AWC on Saturday – Sunday

The schedule has been posted for the Virtual ACA World Convention (AWC). It looks like there will be some very interesting talks. Conducting a virtual meeting like this offers some opportunities that we wouldn’t have available to us in a physical space.

For one, the schedule which you can find here shows that this is truly a global fellowship. A normal schedule (I’m guessing since I’ve never attended the AWC before), would have the participants go to events, have meals, go to sleep, and have some more events. This meeting will apparently follow the sun around the globe, not just in one location. There are speakers scheduled starting at 10AM Eastern Time on Saturday and running every two hours until 10AM Eastern on Sunday, every two hours, including European and Asian offerings in the wee hours of Sunday Morning.

Time to brew up some coffee and prepare for a very interesting marathon!

One last reminder. You will have to register to get the link for the meeting. You can do that here:

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Yesterday afternoon we discussed the proposals that met the threshold for discussion at the ABC. We brought proposals 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 13 to the floor for discussion. To map the numbers to proposal language please refer to the proposals document that has been previously uploaded. This will be updated as motions are returned from breakout groups

  • Proposal 3
    • Referred to a breakout group after discussion
    • Referred it back to the Service Network Committee for word smithing.
  • Proposal 4
    • This proposal (technically) failed with the knowledge that the WSO Board is already currently in the process of updating the copyright.
  • Proposal 6
    • Was referred to a break out group for additional consideration and for a motion to be returned.
    • The motion that was submitted was: We move that we direct the literature committee to create educational resource(s) to assist adult children with establishing healthy safe boundaries. And passed.
  • Proposal 8
    • Referred to a breakout room for further discussion and a motion to be proposed.
    • This was further discussed and a motion was created which did not pass. So this proposal does pass.
  • Proposal 9
    • This motion failed
  • Proposal 10
    • Passed by floor vote
  • Proposal 13
    • The board is already in the process of revisiting branding. Consensus was to support the continuation of that work

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Friday Morning – Service Discussion

We started the day discussing the opportunity of Service, particularly as part of the work of the WSO. Many of the committee heads discussed the work of their committees and how people might serve.

Additionally the Service Network Committee discussed their work on a new Service Manual. This is the difficult material at the end of the BRB that we stumble over when we read through the BRB, but is very important when we work to organize ourselves. Ultimately it sounds lie that section of the BRB will be remove and included in the Service Manual. I think it is a great idea, particularly in that when we decide to have a BRB meeting we don’t have to feel guilty when we skip the last section!

This whole discussion highlights my post from yesterday morning as I was impressed with all the work that is underway in the committees. Service is a way to participate in that work.

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Listening to Reports

For most business meetings I’ve been to the reading of reports is usually akin to pulling teeth, please make it stop! Instead this is more of drinking from a fire hose. When I sit around the table for my meeting I mostly have no idea of the system that surrounds me and supports my recovery. Plans, goals, responsiveness to member needs and a wealth of opportunities for service. I encourage you to go to the ACA WSO website and get a copy of the delegate binder. Jump to the committee reports and just skim through what has been done and what is being done. I am humbled and thankful for all the work that is being done to support me and us.

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The 2020 ACA ABC has started

There are 160 registered delegates this year. This is the largest ABC ever. In case you didn’t know, because of COVID-19 the ACA and AWC is being conducted virtually this year. Apparently reducing the cost of attending (and since everyone is home!) has enabled more participation than usual.

My recollection of previous reports from the ABC usually includes a lovely picture of the location of the meeting. Not to be undone I submit a picture of the location of my attendance!

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Delegate Orientation

Wow! I’ve been drinking from a firehose. The Delegate binder was released this week. My original plan was to print out a copy and put it in a binder that I could refer to and make notes on during the ABC. I may be a technology guy but there are still some things that I’m more comfortable doing in analogue.


I downloaded the Binder and it is 243 pages long so I am not going to use that much paper so I’ll be using a computer to view the binder. I also spend about an hour and a half today on a Delegate training Zoom meeting. We are all figuring out for ourselves and helping those hosting the meeting to understand how to use the technology to make the meeting run seamlessly. It is fun to watch us all learn and teach each other.

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Ready, Set, GO!! Face to face sessions have all been converted to Telephone/virtual sessions

In response to COVID-19 precautions April and June RSG Sessions have been moved to telephone and online meetings. Please refer to the flyer below for more information.


Ready, Set, GO!! Face to Face/Telephone Meetings for 2020

A new flyer has been published with 2020 Ready, Set, GO!! Dates for 2020. A new session will be starting at the beginning on March 2. Please see the attached flyer with information about Ready, Set, GO!! opportunities for 2020. These session are held over a 5 week period and include an RSG Inner Child Workshop on the 5th week. Please click below for additional information about Ready, Set, GO! and for a flyer to share with your group.

You can download the flyer here


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